About Us

Destiny Sports Management is a Sports Agency that looks after professional Athletes and Coaches. We have a strong cooperation with Transfer Solution, which is an agency that works with trusted, commited and qualified Agents. Transfer Solution benefits of it’s wide range of contacts in the professional sports field. A successful career as an Athlete needs strategic planning, and consistent support of and on the field. We dedicate our time and support to all of our Athletes to meet their requirements at any time. Our head office is located in Hamburg, Germany. Prior to that our subsidiary office is located in Greenwich, South East London. Away from our german team of qualified Scouts and Agents, our worldwide network of contacts and partners ensures that, no matter where you are, your career is taken care of both on and off the pitch.

our values


Respect is the keystone to a professional business relationship. We treat all of our athletes with the upmost respect to create a working environment that makes you and us happy.


Loyalty is an important key point that we take very serious at Destiny Sports, we give all of our athletes real service, but we add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.


At Destiny Sports we believe that the keystone to a successful career is fundamental honesty. Our experience on the sports field enables us to give all of our athletes fundamental advise to improve their career, to reach their fullest potential.


‘It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.’ (Warren E. Buffet)
Destiny Sports is a team of gifted people that dedicates itself to unselfish trust and combines instinct with boldness and effort, these are the attributes we use to bring our athletes to the top.



Emmanuel Gyasi

Executive Director

Mekan Barlak

Chief Scout

Mekan Barlak has worked as a scout in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands at the Foundation Fundatión Real Madrid Clinics. Mekan has been a Scout at Destiny Sports Management since 2016 and has been able to use his scouting talent efficiently, not to leave any player potential undetected. With his ambition and undaunted courage, Mekan is one of the driving forces behind Destiny Sports Management and helps talented athletes to build a professional career.

Devran Barlak


In recent years, Devran Barlak has worked as a scout in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands at the Foundation Fundatión Real Madrid Clinics. Since 2016, Devran has been working as a scout for Destiny Sports Management. He has the right intuition for top and talented athletes. Devran is known as honest and trustworthy, which is very important and effective for Destiny Sports Management. Devran Barlak is characterized by a positive approach and a strong belief in the talented athletes he has helped to secure at Destiny Sports Management over and over again.

Mike Appiah


Mike Appiah counts Football as part of his everyday life and over the past years he has been able to gain a lot of knowledge about different players and football clubs which gives him the ability to grab on information he needs. Mike believes in putting the emphasis on true workmanship by helping athletes with problems outside of the pitch. The true passion for Sports, his great eye for detail and his Loyalty to Destiny Sports Management makes him a key factor for our success. Mike’s ambition for the game ensures the dynamics are set right at Destiny Sports.


Leke Dossou


Leke Dossou, a native of Hamburg, is based in West Germany and has a good eye to spot young and talented athletes. Leke is currently studying Sports science and English at the University of Cologne. His aim is to perfect the knowledge, of how to prepare athletes to their upmost potential for their competitive games. Leke has also worked as a youth coach for many years, and will enrich Destiny Sports Management with his coaching skills.