We are totally committed to respect, loyalty, honesty and trust whenever we are dealing with any aspects of professional business, this allows our athletes to make important decisions based on fact not fantasy. These are our wide range of services incorporated by our personal:


We work with national and international player agents and agencies to ensure a wide range of contacts throughout specific markets such as Africa, Europe and America. Our wide range of contacts across the globe enables us to find the right club for our athletes. Our partnership with Trusted & reliable partners ensures that we are efficient in finding solutions for our players.

management & services

Our Management team is available 24/7 to ensure our athletes requirements and needs are met at any time. Furthermore, we strategically plan every step of their career to ensure a self-developing process is taking place.

personal coaching

We have Personal Coaching cooperation’s within the United Kingdom and Germany. This service is specifically for athletes that are out of a contract. We make sure our athletes are ready to perform at their highest level, mentally and physically. Therefore, our Personal coaches create a training plan, that works on strength and weaknesses, to ensure all athletes out of a contract are ready for business.

personal trainer

Fabian Gasde

personal trainer

Alfred Ntiamoah

personal trainer

Luc N’djok

mental coach / finance adviser / interview coach


We scout all of our athletes during the season to ensure personal goals are met, by analyzing competitive games. Destiny Sports has a personalized scouting sheet, to show athletes where areas of improvement needs to take place.

social media

While our athletes are training and working hard on the field, Destiny Sports works hard of the field and makes sure important matters such as social media and sponsorship deals are taken care of. Destiny Sports Management has very good relationships within the Sports sector and breeds of good relationships with major brands. This gives us the chance to negotiate suitable endorsement and sponsorship deals for our athletes. Furthermore, we monitor the social world and use Internet marketing to build a professional profile. This is ensured by our expert of partners that are highly educated in this field.

contract negotiation

Our Chief Executive and our silicified Attorney Nils Becker from Munich have the Know- How and diplomacy to get a deal completed efficiently and effectively. The many dealings with club executives personally and via telephone is a common business procedure and is nothing new to Destiny Sports Management.

brokering deals

As a result of our wide range of contacts throughout Europe, Asia and America, we have brokered transfers such as Jeffrey Schlupp from Leicester City to Crystal Palace.

Selection process of Athletes from U 15’s level

  • services-step-1-dsmanagement

    Step 1 - Scouting

    Athletes are scouted by our professional Scouting Team. Athletes falling into the category of Destiny Sports will be analyzed.

  • services-step-2-dsmanagement

    Step 2 - Initial Contact

    a.) Destiny Sports contacts the athlete and parents.
    b.) Destiny Sports contacts athlete through a friend or trustee.

  • services-step-3-dsmanagement

    Step 3 - Meeting with Athlete or Parents

    a.) Destiny Sports Management introduction.
    b.) Exchange with athlete and parents about possible Management representation by Destiny Sports.